Did you know that our bodies are gateways for connection to ourselves and to others? That they keep the score of our life experiences and store our emotions?
Our mental and physical states are influenced by how we breathe and move. It’s even in the double meaning of the word ‘moving’: ‘in motion’ and ‘producing strong emotion’.

To feel whole, to heal, we need bodywork, movement and functional breathing. We need embodied living.

But for many of us our busy daily lives disconnect us from our bodies and we find ourselves locked in mental control towers. We all struggle, and so did I.

Eighteen years ago I took my very first yoga class. Yoga is a healing and transformational tool for mind, body and spirit. Since then, every practice (re)connects me to myself and to others.

I’ve created Wild Awake Embodied Living, to share my experience and knowledge with you. Because health care needs and deserves a holistic approach.

I will help you to become awake to your wild instinctual nature through your body, your senses and your breath. I will guide you to make this an everyday practice, a practice for life. Because I believe embodied living is the basis of mental and physical health.

I love getting into my body and I’m convinced you will too. It has healed me and I know it will heal you too.
This might all sound intimidating or a bit weird, but no harm in trying, right? So why don’t you make your first move?

Contact me for more info or book a session. My approach is science-basedpersonal and intuitive because it is about your wild life force and your unique body!

I am Julie Claassens. I live in Brussels but my heart is of the world.

I am trained in mindfulness meditation, yin, hatha and yoga therapy. This includes organ health, posture work and prevention/treatment of different diseases. Currently, I specialize in breathwork.